Looking for a supply of Shed Dog Fur
And will pay up to $8.00 per pound
1. Brush out the dog when it's shedding the soft underfur.
     (A few guard hairs are ok - lots of guard hairs are not)
     No shaved or cut hair; no matted or felted hair.
2. Please brush dogs when they are dry and free of straw and foreign     matter.
    (then keep the fur dry)
3. One half inch is the minimum length.
4. Please keep each dog's underfur in its own bag or just have a bag for light     colored fur and one for dark..
    What works well for me is a 5 gallon bucket lined with a plastic grocery     bag - the bag stays open and doesn't blow around while brushing the dog.
5. Price paid depends on quality. Price goes up with underfur that has very     little guard hair.
6. This helps defray kennel cost.
7. A great way to keep kids( of all ages) in tune with the dogs' needs.

I'd really appreciate the underfur and your dogs will love the attention!
  Please send with readable return address, by U.S. Postal Service, the cheapest way possible to recieve postage refund.  
Mail to:
Brenda Mowery
Alaska Range Creations
P.O. Box 164
Cantwell, AK 99729
P.S. Please spread the word to anyone who may have a pet dog that sheds.